Happy because

I want you happy you know,
Not to just see the form of a smile on your face
To know there is no darkness behind that curtain
That there are no finger shadows behind smoke screen

Not a radio voice, a Bbaale Francis tv look
Sweet on the ear, dark on the heart,
Smiling above the face, in shorts below.

What I mean is,
Listening to a heart that beats at ease
A cadence of a river winding through a forest
Rays of sunshine breaking through dark nimbus.

Not Hollywood style special effects
Where you read a script and I am supposed to believe;
Not a ballet session where you’ve been choreographed
But where you dance according to the flutter of your heart.

Not just happy for the sake of it
Yet happy because there is a breath of life in you
Happy because perhaps you’re happy with me
Happy because perhaps it’s the natural thing to be.


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