I have a feeling that I might have exchanged skills over the past few months. Why is it much harder to write a post than design a graphic? Anyway, given that much of my writing is deeply connected to my emotional, spiritual and mental state, I think this is witness that the waves present before are really declining.

A note to the past era of girls.

It is sad that when I was willing, you were not, when I was ready, you were tired, when I was in love, you had resentment. It is sad that now you’re on the road and I’m on the mountain, that you yearn for flowers yet I am a garden.

Phase out. Gone. I am a stage in life that you missed. I am not coming back.

You know what freedom is? Looking at you and not even twitching. So, –> we move as Nkrumah my man said. I guess we’ll be neighbours very soon.

Love you? Yes, I do.

Thank God I am growing.


5 thoughts on “Growing

  1. "A note to the past era of girls" hmmmmmm
    From in between the lines I see something like
    "If you insist I may just forgive you and we'll be together....."
    Love is a good feeling


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