Greatest Saturday ever

I am convinced that 8th November 2008 was one of the best days to ever grace the life of yours truly, Nevender. There’s no better morning than one that is peaceful and I had such a morning. My heart was at rest and so expectant to see the day through.

Of course there were certain things that made me want to live to the fullest on that day, and it was so calming the fact that my heart did not fight it this time. My plan was go to office, check my mail, then head to MUK and then to Akamwesi then back to MUK but then see…my phone display was showing 99% Zone on a Saturday morning at 10am and I could think of so many people I could call.

I did call her, the sweet friend that never goes away; I called her, the friend that thinks I am angry at her; I called her, the one who has a way with me and I called her, the sister.

I think I made calls of a total of one hour or so and was so delighted. The one who has a way with me wanted kikomando once I told her about the Soup Kitchen (SK) and so that was added onto my itinerary for the day. That means I had to get kikomando in Wandegs and courier it to MUK Sports ground where the one who has a way with me would be.

By the time the calls ended, and having found no new mail it was around ten past 11am and that meant I was late. I should have been at MUK by now so that by midday I would be in Akamwesi. Deciding where to go first was not easy but in the end since I was dropping dime at campus for later use, I better drop it first so that budgets could be facilitated.

People, it is love when you must climb up to floor N of Mary Stuart Hall to deliver dime. That place wears me out but chin up…it is a small thing to do for love.

From there I jetted to Akamwesi and just before I got in, met an old writer friend of mine with a group of young people who were unfamiliar to me. I suspected she was going for the Soup Kitchen (SK) and asked her what she was doing at Akamwesi. She confirmed that indeed she was going for the SK. I never made it inside Akamwesi…

Friends, this is a blessed thing. To have young people gather themselves to improve the welfare of less privileged people. And this is exactly what the SK is. Young adults who have a passion for life. My experience is posted here.

From there, I had to run the errand I told you about concerning Kikomando. I bought three of those things and continued to the sports grounds of MUK. Wabula I was tired. Naye I had to go on and do something selfless for this old flame. However on my way, I met an O.G right outside MACOS (Makerere College School) my old school.

There are friendships that are genuine and then there are those that are of convenience. I am blessed to have many genuine ones. You see, this girl and I were classmates for two years and the friendship was so simplistic. Conversation flowed like a river.

So on this Saturday, I found her waiting for her little brother who would be sitting his UACE today. I thought I would say hi and bye but then we talked and it seemed like we would not stop soon. So I asked her to push me to the field to deliver the package and she obliged.

She asked to remain on the ground as I ascended the stage of the Ignite Festival to inquire where to find the one who has a way with me was. I met some old friends but made quick to know where the lady was. Soon as saw her, I descended from the stage.

Awkward moment: where you want to hug an old flame but everyone is looking at you suspiciously (because she has a boyfriend) so you do not do it.

I was so happy to see her because she was a big part of my life while at campus and had not seen her often after that.

Happiness was killing me.

I could only manage to see her long enough to deliver the goods because I had to attend to the O.G. Also, she being in the worship team, had to go back to give God what was His. We talked for a short time, she was beaming with joy. I made to introduce her to my O.G and the moment she saw her, assumed she was my girlfriend…

If you saw these two, it would seem like I was the stranger and they were the long lost friends. Naye I was still happy.

I had to sadly say goodbye and leave with my O.G. For emphasis, WE TALKED, and the TALKED,and then SOME. We just had to be brave and leave each other. It’s like there was so much to talk about.

So, I left her after promising to go see her next Saturday. From there I had to go back to BOX. The BASIC Family would be going for a lock-in, my first ever lock-in and BOX was kind of the base of preparations. The fair story of what transpired is here. It was so awesome….

My Saturday was filled with beauty. Faces of children’s innocence. Long lost friends appearing. Old flames showing me love… family, etc and then Arsenal beating Man U.

I could go on and on about it, but Job 38:11.

God is good.


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  1. Hey Nev,
    You were there?!
    dropped by for a bit that day.. Didn't see you by the cooking area..
    lol about the climbing to N...I used to climb to P


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