Give me more

Chords, strings, hihats moving together in sync. It starts like a marathon race, first slowly then picking pace. Once in a while the pace slows down, like the runner slowing to grab a bottle of water and then again picks up.

There is a rush that comes with it, something deep down in the underground of the body. It is something that cannot be touched, cannot be explained aptly; it can only be felt.

It is the heart’s pace growing faster with every turn on the journey. A fire starts and cannot be put out.

It feels good. It feels damn good.

Accelerando: the waves take me on a new high, I can almost touch the stars. I can almost kiss the moon.

Cadence: suddenly dawns on me, the bridge I can sit on.

Adagio: Somehow the waves take carry me like a baby in a cradle and the mellow sound puts me at ease. I feel peaceful.

I want more, I want some more and a lot more. Yet a time comes for the journey to end. The sway of the feeling must meet demise when the last string is strummed, when the last hihat is heard and I must stop.

The music is magical people, the music is like a drug. Give me music, give me their music.


8 thoughts on “Give me more

  1. Apr9.....did u get some mo music?

    Somethings u can never get enough of them and music is one of those things.

  2. I got....there are three songs I like on their 08 album- Desert song, He is Lord, and stronger..they could play over and over and I would not mind..


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