Get wet.

Another rain post?

Before I met the Adler, rain to me was a kill joy, an unnecessary occurrence that spoils plans and makes making babies easier. Rain was only needed when it was necessary. It was welcome in the night to enhance sleep but unwanted in the day for it would just cause unnecessary hustle.

The Adler loves the rain and at first I thought it was weird that anyone would choose the rain over the sunshine. She did not love the rain because it caused her to sleep, or because she did not want to wash, no….she just loved the rain. There was a fascination she had with the rain and with time I sort of caught onto this love for the rain.

We do not pick times for the rain to fall. The rain falls on its own accord. There have been many whose past two “christmases” were vitiated because the rain fell on the “wrong” day. Night or day, public holiday or not, when it falls, embrace it.

God’s rain is falling. And Arsenal keep on scoring.

See, in God’s world, Arsene Wenger is a much better manager than Mourinho. Why? Wenger does not look for the stars. He does not seek out or compete to make the big signings which everyone else is dashing after. Wenger goes for those who can grow, those who have room to learn, those who are not proud.

Luke 5:31-32 Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 32 I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Jesus came to seek out the Wilshere’s and Fabregas’s and the Djorou’s and the Koscielny’s and the Sagna’s. If you consider yourself a Cristiano, a Rooney, a Drogba, there’s no room for you on the Arsenal squad.

God loves those who are not afraid of getting into the rain; those who know their dirt can only be washed away by it. If you’re able to play under Wenger, you’re ready to play under Christ. The rain falls and only those who are not afraid of getting wet can get clean.

So, before I met the Adler, rain never really caught my fancy but after her, rain has a pleasant feel to it. And more so, because the rain reminds me of the grace of God. The grace that falls free.

The rain is falling; get out and play. Get wet. Get clean.


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