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Blogger Name Dropping.

Well, if you love some of that great gospel rap music then you will be aware of the song 47 Mcs by KJ52 (Five-two, not fifty two),lyrics here; and 47 pop stars by the same artist (lyrics here), you will learn he was able to spit rhymes while mentioning at least 47 mcs/popstars. I thought I’d give it a try so here goes. I couldn’t get all the bloggers in here but if you see yourself holla and tell the blogger who u see also, to come and read ko…okay? Nice read.

Boy do I wonder how I ever got here, yet here I am anyway on the edge of innocence. I tried to be silent but was tired of a common life. So I have some things to say, so let me start straight away.

I’ve met some dudes who were too weak to be boring; a young paparazzi engaging the culture and an apprentice to a master of the elements. They told me that if my resting place was in the good Saviour alone, I’d be serene and contented and never go mad and crazy. But what’s left of me after these many years? My pride is gone, I need to bow out in humility, it’s obvious silver ain’t as good as gold. But gemstones like sapphire usually make plain gold look better.

Sometimes I pray for sunshine when the rain is falling hard, and take a cup of coffee with some tasty butter cookies. God didn’t promise life would always be seamless but He told us to remember that this too shall pass. If you’re curiously ugly, then always smell good, wear Chanel Number 5; remember the weakest among the skunks is the most fragrant!

They say it’s no longer possible to be insomniac in Uganda since 86, these days its music not gun shots that lull us to sleep. I do love music but am somewhat anti-pop, though not as anti as some maniac fellas who yell like Carlo Ancelloti of AC Milan. But back to basics though. In moments like these I walk on by meadows where beauty lies and I feel at peace. In a nutshell, deliberate on life; bug God like Deedee bugs Dexter.

What do Dark Knights and Rogue Kings share in common? Some say it’s life, others say it’s business, other’s say it’s design. What keeps the feather behind the veil? What makes the page in the book rise when no wind is blowing? Answers is what we all seek.

Honestly, Ugandan boys like me prefer Ugandan girls, but sometimes ElectroMagnetic Interference brings me closer to a final strain. Signs and signals, is there a difference? 31337, 3, 313, there’s always a three chronicled in the story.

Anyway, remember that inside each one of us are little boys and girls; so do not take life too seriously,mubaleke abaana bazanye. And if you’re doing well and know someone who isn’t, don’t be selfish, connect him, naye ab’e mu Kintu. Sibeela mubi if I misspell sometimes but this post is tired and coming to an end. Tekabadde kasozi kangu but it would be rented madness for me to keep going. One last thing: true random liciousness ain’t a mantra,i guess it’s what we call tandra.

Till next time.


22 thoughts on “For (most of )the bloggers

  1. The linking has not been in vain. I and my 3 person entourage are here to say thanks for the link luv.

  2. Well, senkyu everyone. Here is the making of that post: I got the blog titles or url names of the bloggers on my blogroll and a few others and listed them down on paper. Then I began writing. Not more than an hour I guess.

  3. Original! These Links were off the chats..I did like the flow and you certainly have a talent in co-joining.

    I agree with mama Pete, It should have ended with a Bloom

  4. Man all i can say is you are the bomb even if i sat for 10 years i would never connect.... haaahahhaaa

  5. all i could think of was: how long has he been working on this? and he goes and says less than an hour! Next time i see u, allow kiss your feet Don Nevender! wow!


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