Flavoured Tea

After you’d gone,
I caught myself staring at the box;
Flavoured teabags that you bought
Each flavour a different thing we felt
Till there was nothing more to feel.

I simply wanted a drink
Something for my parched throat
Garden tea black and dull
I needed that flavour that you’d brought.

The moment I dipped the bag
Into the cup I loved most,
My walls failed to hold,
All the memories of you came back.

Each waft of the raspberry
That went up my nose
Touched a place in my memory
Only you and me know.

By the time the drink was done
I had opened the clouds,
My nimbus flavoured tears had poured out
Into hazy remnants of flavoured tea.

Whenever I take this tea
I am relieved and I am broken
Because you’re back for a while
Till the flavour runs out.


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