Five ways to win my heart

I do not know when I last attempted a blog writing challenge but I want to get involved. Spurred by Iteti and TRP, I decided to see how I will cope with the 30 Day Writer’s Blog Challenge.

Here goes.

Five ways to win my heart?
Is that rhetoric or an actual question?

The heart, you say, is like a mouse
And the traps for it are more than one?

Perhaps a sound of an acoustic guitar
Or the verse of skilled trobairitz?
Yet shall there be one?

Five ways to win my heart, you ask?
And I thought there was one-
So why five, may I ask,
For I cannot seem to even start.


One for each day of the week?
Maybe, weekends aside?
Shall my heart not need winning on the 6th?

Maybe five,
He loves me, He loves me not
Till the flower petals are done
Such that whether I want to or not
You will have to win my heart?

Five, so we can learn to love from our fingertips?
Never to forget what made this so special?

Five ways yet I do not know where to start!

Five ways,
And I thought there was only one.
And that one way,
Is it not that I win yours first?


5 thoughts on “Five ways to win my heart

  1. OMg! I'm smiling in my head! Hahahahaha... this is so good and yet so bad, cause I still don't know how to win your heart ;-) you can want to win mine!

    *two thumbs up!*


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