Fighting God

Today I discovered or, re-learned that it is very easy to miss out on God’s desired place for you when faith is omitted.
On my way to work, I usually get a lift from friends of mine but we do not stay in the same area. So, I get a taxi for a cost of about 500/- to the main road where I wait for them and they drop me near work. It saves me the energy of trekking from Cooper complex to City Square to get a taxi. Also, it is cheaper to get a taxi from where I am dropped off.
On this particular day, I was a bit late. The friends called to notify me they were on their way yet I had not even got a taxi and by now the taxis were taking ages to appear. I had prayed earlier on, that I would get a taxi and make it to the stage before my friends came.
I was late. A taxi showed up but it was already filled. Hmmmm. I thought to myself. That earlier prayer perhaps hasn’t been answered, let me just get a boda boda. So a boda boda came along and I flagged him down, jumped on and was ferried along to the place. As we went we passed by two taxis coming along probably to pick more passengers but I thought, Nah, can’t get off the boda, those taxis will not make it on time. I continued till destination and got off.  He took a kay. 

I was early now. Tihihi. So I began to wait. And then I noticed the traffic jam. The jam was incredible at that particular time, and I was not seeing these guys. I waited close to thirty minutes till they came.
Surely, if I had waited and entered a taxi, I would have got to the stage before my friends came as I had asked of God. Selah.

Later on at work. We are all busy at our desks, sending that email, inserting that piece of code, aligning a certain pixel when power goes off! Frankly, it is the third day it is happening in a row and it gets annoying working on generator, having to plug and unplug from the UPS. Quite frankly I was not impressed. So I said,
God, let power come back so we can work. Let it not go again. Right?
So, we wait till the guys decide the generator must come out. After plugging in everything, switching onto generator power, the power comes back! Hardly 3 minutes after unplugging from UPS! lol.

Isn’t it weird that God answered both prayers even when I changed my mind? I call this fighting God. Asking God for help and then for one reason or another turning to your own means. Today, God heard both prayers, answered them too. However, my impatience caused me to labour and spend more than ought. You might say this is slight but God forbid I change my mind on big things I have prayed for! I may get the good thing from God but also waste my own strength trying to answer my prayer and fail.
Help me Father not pray and then try to answer my own prayer.

3 thoughts on “Fighting God

  1. Father, help me too! I have a real fight with trying not to 'solve' my own problems. As if I cold ever solve them, silly girl that I am!

    Thanks for this reminder Nev.

  2. I need alot of help there too. Sometimes, i ask God for help then i start doing thing son my own, because i can't trust that He will help me. Learning slowly.

  3. I do this all the time, too! And it is always at my expense - whether in money or anxiety that I could have avoided.
    Father, help us to be patient and trust that You always come through even with the little things.


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