Fellowship at Mateos

I swear Antipop has a recording camera in her eyes and a mic in her ears plus a well controlled Operating System up in her head. She remembers word for word most of the conversations she took part in yesterday. If you have already watched the showing I do not know if you will enjoy this a lot because I think Carlo and I seem to share agnosia (snob sickness) but here I go.

I never go to a new place alone. Mummy told me if I am to talk to strangers I should move with someone older. I am not saying all of the people at Blogopolis are strangers but how would I know I had never seen them! I could believe Lulu because I “see” her often. For Dee, I had met previously at a soup kitchen but also had been surprised to see her on another occasion when I bought airtime. The Dark Knight-Rogue-Dawg-King removed the mask recently so I knew what to expect. I had been able to catch glimpses of Detamble but it was good finding out yesterday Rev’s hair was actually not red. I had caught a glimpse of Chanel5 but thought she would be taller.

Apart from the afore mentioned, I could call the rest strangers. So I came with my big brother/cousin Simon, who is 13 days older than me.

Bare with me I cannot recount a story as good as Antipop so let me….uh, try to make some sense.

Edmund looks suave. And he behaves like a gentleman. I noticed coz my big brother Simon is always giving me pointers on how to be a gentleman and I saw some in him. Please, I am not gay, just paying homage.

Lulu, sweetness. She can talk. Problem is I did not talk with her that much but she gave me a head pat. The one big sisters give kid brothers. She has gained good weight. Last time I saw her she looked like a shorter Ivan. That was way back in school.

I was shocked to find that Detamble looks more peaceable in person. I hope she was not being too protected by Rev, who wants to buy a gun given his pocket knife proved non yielding in stopping robbers who were running away from his hands’ thrusts. I learnt he is a code freak but is also a major fan of the Rogue King. This brother owns green- no wonder he is giving up on communism.

Dee is a friendly gael. She made me feel comfortable with her conversation which due to agnosia I cannot properly remember. But she talked about VISA….Eh, and she had a new camera which I think will have a pishure of me for your brain’s “my pictures” folder.

Then a white lady came in. She had not seen us till Dee called her by this name “Rebekah”. Remember her in the Bible the one who favoured one of her children over the other? Yes I was reading about her favouritism just a few minutes ago. I was informed that she is the grandmother of BHH- jAckfruity.

I was now getting bored. Dee had gone to sit with Lulu, Rev was talking with Detamble and Rebekah and I had no blogger to talk to. Lindah, who says she is a laywer then arrived. She could not pay attention to my pestering of who she was and what she does so it was a relief when a tall guy walked in smarted up and introduced himself as Johhny!

I couldn’t believe it! I am sure he saw how I worshipped with the gleam in my eyes…I was excited to meet this guy coz his stories are quite interesting. I later got to find out he is my O.B as well. This is when I loosened up and knew I could talk to any one.

Johnny seemed like he was not well settled as he was asking where Antipop was. I am sure the person he talked to was her coz after that call he told me she would be coming.

Kings cannot be missed! So when the Dawg, Rogue, King man arrived I knew it was his highness. He is quite the popular one. He must have received a hug from every female.

After that I briefly moved out with Simon to meet a friend and when I came back I discovered my seat was inconspicuously hidden. More had arrived. I first passed a small dimpled woman who I assumed could be the Antipop. We said nothing to each other at the moment. She first went round, distributing hugs and handshakes and when she came back found me engaged in conversation with a rather good looking young belle who I found out is a neatsilverbow. Eunice is her name and does she remind me of….not today!

She gives off energy this silver bow, that’s all I can say for now. I found out she and Antipop were former workmates but also friends, so she must work at The Chapter! I was taken aback when I saw her article- about babies and constipation.

So when she (the antipop) returned, I introduced myself as the nevman and then the dimples…ooh those dimples…

Ivan then appeared as if from nowhere, a tall man with almost no expression on his face. The Chanel5 followed after, and then Sula (whose blog I have now forgotten).

By this time my good seat had been taken over and I could only manage to sit behind the Rev and talk to those closest.

Lulu had left by now. And at the time Antipop and the Silver Bow were leaving. I was joining suit but then SK informed me the Cheri was arriving and wanted to talk to me.

So I waited and she called. I was glad to hear the voice of the butter cookie who informed me she would be sorting out some men issues thereafter. It was exciting talking to her.

After that I said my good byes.

I did not see Igis, Baz,Carlo, Tumwi etc. I thought UgGal would come…But enough talking. I am out of cyber saliva.

Dee, I am waiting for the snaps.


21 thoughts on “Fellowship at Mateos

  1. Gwe, u like playing with words...now like thrust? It means something serious.

    Aww, kukuyu, it was nice talking to u as well. I had fun "attending" BHH.

  2. Miss:

       /θrʌst/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [thruhst] Show IPA Pronunciation ,
    verb, thrust, thrust⋅ing, noun
    –verb (used with object)
    1. to push forcibly; shove; put or drive with force: He thrust his way through the crowd. She thrust a dagger into his back.
    2. to put boldly forth or impose acceptance of: to thrust oneself into a conversation between others; to thrust a dollar into the waiter's hand.
    3. to extend; present: He thrust his fist in front of my face.
    4. Archaic. to stab or pierce, as with a sword: She thrust his back with a dagger.
    –verb (used without object)
    5. to push against something.
    6. to push or force one's way, as against obstacles or through a crowd.
    7. to make a thrust, lunge, or stab at something.
    8. an act or instance of thrusting; a forcible push or shove; lunge or stab.
    9. a lunge or stab, as with a sword.
    10. Mechanics. a linear reactive force exerted by a propeller, propulsive gases, etc., to propel a ship, aircraft, etc.
    11. Geology. a compressive strain in the crust of the earth that, in its most characteristic development, produces reverse or thrust faults.
    12. the main point, purpose, or essence: The thrust of his speech was an urgent appeal for votes.
    13. Machinery. a pushing force or pressure exerted by a thing or a part against a contiguous one.
    14. Architecture. the downward and outward force exerted by an arch on each side.
    15. an organized military attack; assault; offensive.
    1125–75; ME thrusten, thrysten (v.) < ON thrȳsta to thrust, force, press

    I believe I used number 7 from the above for my thrust definition, lol..naye Miss.

  3. This clearly has more depth than my account. And you do tell a good tale! was nice to finally meet you. and i notice i did not buy you the promised mountain Dew. Net time yea?

  4. Antaypop, next time.

    Apr09, are there no bloggers where u are...u cld start one there..

    Ivan, sorry for mistaking your fatigue for expressionlessness.

    And where was Tandra and Sybella?

  5. Was nice putting a face to so many stories.
    I am Antipop's playa. Shall explain that at the next BHH yu attend.

  6. Antipop's playa...haha...can't wait to hear the story...

    Lulu, of course you would say that..

    Antipop, ask TRP.

  7. TRP wama, all that went thru my head as i read this was, "damn, why cant he just tell her straight out?"

    was really nice meeting u. and u must have missed the one about my real name.that disease u share with Carlo i guess.


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