I rarely talk to my father. The only times I have is when he is explaining something to do with building, money or politics. I imagine these are common topics sons have with fathers because the few times we talk, these were the things we talked about. I have never really had an intimate talk with him mostly because I have always felt it is a hard thing to do. He seemed aloof in certain matters.

My relationship with him has mostly been from a distance. Up to a certain point, he felt that that he was obliged to supplying all my needs according to his riches in the bank. If I felt I needed to ask him about something else, he would always appear reserved and ignorant of what I was asking. And even when I asked for something from him that cost money, he rarely asked for details. He only wanted to know the price of that thing. It became frustrating, because while I wanted to say more, he wanted to know the price.

However, recently, by an act of God, I got to talk with my Dad about certain things and realised a certain wisdom I had never seen. The thing is, I am at a point in my life where I need to make some serious life choices. Yes, there is a new age coming and certain decisions have to be made. So unlike before, this time when I asked about what I wanted to know, he opened up with a calmness and warmth I had never seen. He was being candid and honest.

I stood as my father sat and listened to words I dare say will become ageless. He has lived and has seen many things and has a thing to say or two. Things that at my age many will contemplate about.  He might not seem emotionally interested in the things you may be interested in, but he actually is. He goes behind the scenes and makes sure you have what you need.

This time as we chatted, I felt embarrassed about the thoughts I had about him at a certain point. He revealed to me his silent prayers, his deliberations, his foresight,  and I noticed his selflessness, his vision, his wisdom; things I had never noticed.

He gave me advice that I needed but albeit had heard before, however it felt different this time. I keep hearing advice from people around me. Friends, peers, etc but sometimes the knowledge doesn’t click even after hearing it a million times.

Sometimes you need a certain person to say something for it to make sense to you. It’s like how even though everybody can read the Bible, only One person can make you understand it. The one it is about – Christ.

This time, I needed to hear things that only make proper sense when spoken by a Father. And if I had a lesson to take away, it is that many times fathers are much maligned because we do not know who they are. This time, I caught a glimpse of my Dad’s true worth and I am thankful. Yet I know, many do not have Fathers so should they not be privileged to these things? No. I know a Father who’s more intimate than mine. He has been the one trying to reach out from eternity. I know Him. And I am grateful. He might speak through a Father, a son, a daughter, a sister, a friend, but only when we listen, shall we hear him calling. I hope from today we shall listen and look beyond ourselves.

Peace and Christ love.


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