Fathers and Sons

I had a very interesting evening yesterday. It was my nephew’s birthday party and we had invited some kids from the neighbours over.

Children are quite a handful! And they are also quite different from each other. The quiet ones, the noisy ones, the shy ones, the proud ones. One thing that is sure, a little time spent with each gives you an idea on how to individually deal with each.

I had the opportunity to be called “Teacher”. Not that it is something I aspire to but it was quite interesting while I was. I led the kids into several games; name games, cat and mouse games etc and I was quite spent at end of day.

I am not a father. I hope to be at one point; how soon? God knows.

In my culture, my brothers’ children are as good as my children and so far, one can say I have two sons and a daughter, the latest being Nathan whose birthday we celebrated. Giving time to children while seemingly inconvenient does a lot to shape them and place them upon their destiny.

I asked one of my “sons” to always remind me to read him a Bible story. The first time I thought he would forget but yesterday, after all the festivities were done, he asked me to read. At this point he cannot readily do English but he tries and it is only a matter of time till he is good at it.

So I read, in the simplest ways possible the story of David the Lionhearted from Arthur S Maxwell’s Bible Stories book. For now it would seem he knows that there was a war and the boy killed the giant. So boys who have God’s help kill giants. This is the second time I am telling it. (Just now do I see the lesson for myself.)

I pray that by God’s grace, this son of mine grows into these beautiful truths. I don’t know how much time it will take, but if faithfulness is present I believe it will happen.

I am taking advice lately. From a lot of people but it is amazing how the advice which makes most meaning is that from men that are fathers. I have been dealing with some issues lately and yes talk to people about it but recently I talked to a father and the amount and quality of wisdom he presented me has given me a good amount of cud to chew on.

“There are no short-cuts” . He said. Yet all along I have been trying to use short cuts, pathways that have brought me to the common place of confusion again. When you hear a truth that cuts between flesh and bone you know it. And as he advised me on this issue, I sensed there was a route for healing.

I do not talk very often to him but when I do, I hear wisdom. Not sensationalism, but wisdom. He won’t say much. He asks the right questions as an expert Doctor would to find out the problem and when he sees it, the rest is history.

I am thankful for sons, that are not mine, for opportunity to be a father but I surely thank God for fathers who have mentored sons, those that are theirs and those that are not theirs.

It is something not entered into by knowledge but I believe by the very heart that is cut after the cloth of the father in himself; Abba.



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