Far From the Madding Crowd

We don’t have to be on a beach island,
Watching the waves crash on the rocks
For us to be alone together in time and space.

There is sometimes no need
For a cup of coffee in intimate café
For us to enjoy the beat in each other’s hearts.

We can stand right in the middle
Of a crowd in Namboole on a Cranes’ game
And be at peace in each other’s arms.

For all I need to know
Is that though we’re in the madding crowd
You are able to see only I.

All I need to see
Is your brown eyes
Reaching out for mine.

Sometimes all I need is a minute with you
Hands intertwined, chins on shoulders
My world in sixty seconds complete with you.

Yea, even in the madding crowd.

Joel Ntwatwa 2015


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