Fadtastic Uganda

So, Golola just got himself in between a rock and a hard place and all Ugandans can do is make jokes about him. Meanwhile, Bad Black is back in jail, not much ado there till she comes out. The Uganda Cranes did a dozen on CECAFA and there was no crowd to welcome them back home this time as it was in the 90s.After failing to qualify for AFCON, the blame game started.

Kabakumba Matsiko is being urged to resign because of radio equipment by MPs. A little while back, UMEME was in the dock, then a former youth MP became a hero because of oil allegations but now those are silent.

Sebaggala once came back as a convicted felon and was praised for being sharp. Michael Ezra the same, Rubeleto is praised for money bags as the Kirumiras. Pablo used to be the talk of town and now there are Crackers and a whole lot of other comdey troupes.

Afrigo band now tussles it out with Eagles’ and many other bands in many bars around town.

Ugandans seem to me to have a habit of moving on very quickly from things.So much drama in Uganda it feels like a soap opera. In parliament nothing is ever resolved, just excitement of stopping corruption and that is it. No developmental stuff, nothing.

Lugaflow came, Zamba ate his money, now lugaflow is off. Zamba is almost becoming a legend in a baboon forest.

The dollar is at 2400/- today and fuel stations are selling petrol at 3950/-. Sugar simply failed to go back below 3000/-. I wonder, don’t dollars have anything to do with inflation and the economy? Why is nothing changing?

Taxi fares change hapharzadly. School fees go up on the guise of the economy.

Where is the root of Uganda? Why are we so fadtabulous? Why are we so pedantic? Selfish? Egotistic?

Even Isaiah Katumwa is old news. Thankfully even Gaetano is now old news.

There is no root in this nation. No staying power except corruption. What is there to be proud of if the only thing were doing is hedonistically jumping from one pleasure to another and senselessly complaining about lawlessness, the same which we subject others to?

UG? Warup?

Proverbs 14:34- Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.


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  1. Was thinking of writing a post on how we Ugandans are like our weather, it rains heavily and thirty minutes the sun is out like it never rained! We move on too quickly, even from things that matter.


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