Dulce Viento

One sniff of the stream
And I fell into slumber,
Closed my eyes and my heart was open
Soared to lofty heights, gleaming colours.

I didn’t see it coming, did I?
Soon as my heart let go, away I flew;
Chasing to grasp the whiff in my arms
To make that elusive redolence, solid in my hands.

Every time I almost caught up
Eyes opened, it was reveries of the night
But sooner than I could fathom it
Another dream, and I was chasing after anew.

I break my heart over and over again
And as soon as I’m done, I forget the pain;
The hypnotic flutter onsets amnesia
Suddenly I can’t remember the woe.

Yet when out of my height
My heart just can’t beat right
I need her when she’s gone
Never quite with her when she’s here.

Dulce Viento.


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