Devil's Pool

I do not know how these things work. 
Honestly, I do not know. 
I must have missed that lecture. Maybe I was sick. 
Maybe it was taught during the holidays. 
I do not know.

I came to the falls quickly! 
Got stuck at the Devil’s pool; 
it was peaceful. 
See, the precipice was a few inches away; 
the cliff, but I wasn’t going over.

Yea, I am sure I missed the lessons. 
How to paddle, how to fight the waves, 
how to stick to the course. 
But then I imagine, 
it might be a good thing not to learn.

Going down rapids, battered, slapped, 
cut by the waters and by some fortune or 
misfortune ended up in this belly, 
this Devil’s pool. Calm. 
How this happens, I do not know.

Right here is a serene purgatory. 
However that is the problem. 
In this place, the water isn’t going over the cliff, 
and all around is more water. 
No going back. No going forward.

Devil’s pool, heavenly purgatory 
but hopeless place. 
No way back, uncertainty ahead. 
I really don’t know how these things work.


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