Delicate Honesty

Words. They are simply not just words.

If you have ever had an argument, ever been lied to, ever been fired or given a job, ever been told you’re loved or hated, you know that words are not simply words. They are just so heavy!

She needed to talk. It’s nothing serious She said. However, I knew, she knew it was very serious. Otherwise, why was she pausing with her words, breathing heavy, laughing at everything but what was funny? The walk, normally short, became needlessly long. The city became quiet at rush hour; there were people, just could not hear them. The thing in the chest was heavy.

Words were needed. And how I stalled. Jokes, quotes, anecdotes and silly arguments just to avoid the oncoming . Fighting fire with fire, fighting words with words. Alas, To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens: This needed to be addressed.

So, we went into a cafe, sat down our troubles and dined with them.

Still, we had to get through a meal, layers of superfluous conversation to the heart of the matter. Words. Words are like chords connected to everything in life. They have power to encourage or dishearten, to build up or destroy, to amuse or annoy. Whether they are read, or listened to, they have the same power.

Yes, there was an issue. However, the way the words were to come out would determine a lot in the future. They would reveal the true cloth of each of us. Sadly some words are so transparent they reveal the nature of the sayer right from the start. Some are opaque.

Words can be hateful, dishonest, harmful given how they are said, and in the cafe, that night, I did not want to use my words as causes of injury, or if they were, let it just be a glaze.

See, we cannot , should never be reckless with words for they are one of the hardest inks to erase. We should learn the art of delicate honesty, the need to tell the truth the right and least harmful but most effective way. I believe it is possible. Even in a bad situation, words can be used for good not for evil. I need greater help in this but I do hope that in that cafe, my words were building, not destroying coz 30 minutes after the truth had been served; we were both laughing, looking at the huge moon in the sky.
Col 4:6  Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.


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