How many have written sour words
Who have tasted the bitter bile
You left on their tongues when
You removed the honey of life
The cadence of the living
And left them with but mere shadows
And fading whispers.

A roaring silence weighed upon my soul
Words were too mere and fickle
Deep breaths are all I could muster
In the mist of the news.

Clocks had stopped ticking,
The cursors had stopped blinking.
I was suddenly hollow;
I saw my frame for what it was-
A bottomless pit of nothingness
I’d tried to fill up all my life
With things and experiences.

And now the paint removed
Suddenly, salt had no taste,
Sugar, what a waste!
The colours of life faded into a dark grey
The round edges now jagged and stray.

The things you have spoken to me
Only one can fill
Or I remain empty still
“I need Thee every hour,
Most gracious Lord,
Every hour I need Thee”.


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