Death in the night

It was about 8pm in the night. Salvador Sorenza was just starting to capture all the women’s hearts that night when I heard a loud scream. I heard it. Someone shrieked! It was a cold and sharp shriek. Deathly. I think no one else heard it because everyone continued about their business. I did not say a thing because perhaps I was dreaming things, so I continued with the rest as we watched Second chance.

No sooner had I turned my attentions to the screen than someone knocked on the door. A quick hurried knock. We were stunned and took a moment to respond but then the knocking came again and Alice rose up quickly to go to the door. By now, all our attentions turned to the door. I got up to see what it was.

“Mama Rebecca wali?”

“Ye. Wali.”

“Mama amweetaga, mugambe agye mangu!”

Mummy came to the door and rushed away with Frank, the neighbour’s son. Moments later she came back asking for telephone numbers.

“We need a special hire quickly!”

But all our attempts were futile.

When we finally seemed to get a vehicle, Frank came and told us.

“It’s no use now. Omwana ssi mulamu” Meaning the child was dead. Lived only 2 days.


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