Dear Cantata and to all parties concerned

Dear Cantata,

Hello dear, I hope you are fine. Of course you are. Not with those queues. I mean, up coming artists dream of the numbers that walk into that auditorium but that’s what they are to them, dreams.

Dear Cantata, I am sure you have imagined yourself putting a price tag on the show because it is so wonderfully choreographed and produced that there deserves to be some benefit. Yeah, yeah, there is the offerings during the show but you know you could get more with a standard price.

What? Oh! Your gift to the city? I understand, I understand. Yes, weeks of preparation from the bottom of your heart. I feel you. I see the smiles on the choir and the actors.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Please bear with me.

What if there were no lights, no cameras, no dance, no acting, no glitter, no song? I wonder, would you really have any reason to exist? Of course we are told it’s about the saviour’s birth, and how he needs to be born in our hearts. I am sure you know, actually, that the saviour needs us to die in Him, so He can give us new hearts. You might call it tometo-tomato but anyway, the question.

Could you really have any appeal if it were not for the pomp?

Dear Cantata, Christmas giver, I am just thinking about the birth of the Lord. Born in a manger, surrounded probably by the smell of animals. Approached by shepherds, prolly smelling alcohol and animal-like too. The Three Kings who were there in secret.. I mean, it was so humble a birth, so unlike the pomp it is now especially assisted by gimmicks.

Could it be that we are looking on the outside, what is found on the inside? Dear Cantata, after the show and pomp and prayer, don’t our thoughts turn to the things not the Person?

Anyway, you will say I do not see hearts. I do not. I see lights, camera, action. I see sermons focused on getting people to give. I see emotions hyped. I see because I was these for three years. And then the Lord tells you are dead.

Anyway, dear Cantata, just some ordinary concerns from an ordinary guy who would have come but does not see the point any more. I am just wondering whether you’re good for the soul or for the spirit, coz clearly the soul gets a high, but the spirit seems quiet through it all.

And this is about Christmas really, apart from the benefit to the soul and the flesh, how much of the season benefits the spirit? May the Lord cast down our idols and be life. Amen.


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