Days gone by

A brief recap.

Hey, this year blogging and me have been at odds but I always make time to put up something especially when my soul has been lifted.

There have been awesome days this year, far from the days at the beginning of the year which were very trying if not strenuous. By God’s grace I have been given joy, hope and contentment in many areas in my life.

There are days in my life my one mission was to not be single and even though I tried, that was a mission impossible. I have always had good female friends, as in, people I am very close to. I am a sensitive man, :-p, so I find relating to ladies easy.

This year, God blessed my life with a wonderful new friend, yes a lady, and I got nothing but love. You know how at times you sense something happening but then you diffuse it? Long story. Me and this friend of mine decided to do a tour of Muyenga on Easter weekend. I have no car, she loves to walk so naturally we walked that day.

We met up in Kabz, then walked up the hill, first went to the tank hill, looking at awesome looking houses as well as peeping into unfinished mansions and stuff. We then got a very awesome view of the city. We could see Bugolobi, Luzira, Kla,….wow!! Then went to another spot where we could see Bunga, Gaba, Kansanga and again it was a whoah!!
From there we walked back down to the main road then to Caffe Roma where we met a very interesting waiter called Norman. Very assertive man, whose words sounded like instructions! Well, later on he turned out nicer than we thought. We ordered and ate and had our tummy’s expand. At this point we almost fell asleep but took in some sodas.

We talked till like 9pm then walked back to Kabz. While there grabbed ice cream before she had to go.

I remember because I rarely am that peaceful and contented.

I diffused my ‘other’ thoughts and now, I feel this friendship is better than anything else for now. I am enjoying it a lot.

Now, yesterday was another day at Daddy’s place. I have been so rare there these days but when I went, He welcomed me and gave me such a wonderful word; I left so excited- that excitement when soul agrees with spirit….ayayayya…awesome.

I met her briefly and shared the word with her… I was so excited, she said she had never ever seen me that excited before. Wow. I pushed her to where she got a taxi and then got myself a meal and headed to Kisaasi for a BASIC Family fellowship.
The reason I love those guys is that they are filled with God’s love, and joy. Around them, how do tears start to roll? We were there sharing how we’d been, what our plans are and stuff like that and I was so excited about the kinship. I bless God, for He is our sustenance. He has kept BASIC going and I believe He will lift us to greater heights as well as inspire us to do greater good.

I am actively involved in planning for a dinner and I am so excited about it…only thing is, I need a famous person to come and give us some entertainment but I have no dime for them.. are you one, volunteer, please?

The baseline is to remind us Christ will not make sense to the world unless He removes the veil from their eyes. So, may we be given His grace to speak regardless how foolish we sound.

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. (1 Corinthians 1:18)


4 thoughts on “Days gone by

  1. Cafe Roma has a waiter called Norman? Eh, I should talk to him.. I need him to treat peeps like you well,so as o keep up 'our' good name...

    kati what,is this friendship leading to ............ other 'things' Eg S**.

  2. You have been lost-lost, but at least you sound happy and healthy.

    Enjoy the friendship and try not to complicate it to the point of no return.


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