Day 5 of #UgBloggers7Days

We had our lowest entries yesterday (Day 5) and since it’s the weekend, we might have lower entries. However, the consistent bloggers are still blogging. Some are posting 4 posts per day. Well, that is some write energy. Anyway, here is the list of blogs posted to the #UgBloggers7Days Challenge yesterday.

Day 5

  1. Nare – I don’t like Uganda’s legion of walking drunks
               Face book aint dead
               YAKA and Our Hatred for Change
  2. Bwandungi’s Blog – For whom??!?!
                                    African Literature: News, Reviews, Author Interviews
  3. Scare-a-hero – Ugandans, re-arrange Ebola to spell opportunity
  4. Diary of a Mzungu – Why I blog
  5. AshTim’s Views – Mbabazi: A possessor of silent arrogance
  6. Francesca on UGO – Why The Soothing Power of Music Calms Me Down
  7. iPhatie – The Rat Race
  8. Kakoma – On Doing the Write Thing
  9. Patrick Pido’s Blog – Man’s Best Friend
  10. Pru’s Notebook – The Cranes Mathematics Class
  11. Anagram of a Gazing Eye – Dear Reader, I Apologize
  12. In Bits of Many Stories – My Take on AIDS Stigmatism
  13. Life Through My Eyes – FOMO -Fear of Missing Out
  14. Darlyne Komukama Photography – Macro Pictures in Fort Portal
  15. Sibo – Life As it is
  16. Iwantoscream – How to Keep it Super Crazy
  17. An Editor’s Dream – Because Friday
  18. On my tippy toes – Scars
  19. It’s Never that serious – Sooooo the challenge
  20. DVDWilson66 – Where’s Friday? Man I really dislike Thursday
  21. Elmer Spot On – Why Always Me: Amama
  22. Benefits of Life Experiences – Know What is Good for yourself
  23. Comic Tales From Uganda – The Rise of the Taxi Manager
  24. Fodexpressions – Teacher Who?!?!
  25. IT Barbie – Ani Andoga?
  26. sheME – Crazy Love
  27. Kangyeburugy – A Walk Through the Cancer Institute; The Reason I More Than Laugh
  28. Sanyu Means Joy – Opposites? Not at all
  29. Mwine Edgar – Happy Birthday Dad
  30. Futures Past – In Her Wet Dreams
  31. Ibrahim WK Batambuze IV – Diary
  32. Joel Jjemba’s Blog – Stage Fright
  33. Carlotess’s Blog – Confirming the Faith
  34. Rabelah’s World – The World of an Unemployed 24 year Old

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