Day 4: Bullet

This is extremely hard. Asking me to bullet my day is like asking me to get to the top of a mountain using slippers. I cannot do it. My day is extremely pointless! This is an exercise in futility. I mean, yeah, alright, I 
  • wake up: like normal people do. if everything goes according to plan, I 
  • brush my teeth and then do the water dance. After that if I have no ironed clothes, I proceed to
  • iron my clothes. After putting them on I went to the sitting room and 
  • switched on the tele and ps3. I went back to my room and
  • brushed my shoes. 
  • brought my shoes to the sitting room
  • and played FIFA11. After that I went out to the car with my bro
  • Left home. In the car, I began
  • Texting a flower about the sunrise
  • Got to work 
  • bought cassava and samosas
  • got into office
  • switched on Cortex
  • loaded kika
  • called the flower
  • got to start my work day
Banange you people… Bullets? Ah!

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