Day 3 of #UgBloggers7Days

The Uganda 7 Day Blogging Challenge went into Day 3 yesterday. Monday saw the least entries so far with 35 posts, Tuesday the highest with 43. Wednesday had two posts less than Tuesday.

There are now consistent bloggers to look forward to who have managed a post a day. There are some joining in now but nonetheless, the Ugandans are blogging. Check out the blogs from Day 3 below.

Day 3

1. Etemperance – I am Beautiful, I am a Woman
2. Pru’s Notebook – Of subtle Patriarchy and His weapons
3. The Truth Mast – A Bit About This Kampala
4. Srlmyr – The hashtag that is/was
5. Sherry Tums – On “Free” work!
    b) On Sex and the City6. An Editor’s Dream – What my kind of man is made of 
7. Told in Bits of many Stories – Uplifted Soul
8. Uncultured Sisterhood – The Bartered Sex 
9. The Tantrums of a Mama’s Baby – Kaleidoscope
10. Growing Pains – Would I do it Better?
11. Ophelia feels this way… – How to Deal with Poor Customer Care: an Arsenal.
12. Carlotess’s Blog – Living On A Budget
13. Darlyne Komukama Photography – Last set of pictures from the Railway yard.
14. Gemstone – Sun and sand…
15. Karungi PTRC – Tell Me
16. Lovers Only Vol.2 – Track 3: Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
17. Hope Never Runs Dry – Not a Photo. I need you here.
18. Kahill Insights – He Keeps Me Awake
19. Kakoma – Why you must watch Big Brother Hotshots
20. A Streetside Blog – Dorobucci
21. Elmer Spot On! – Stupid is the new sexy
22. It’s Never that Serious –  More than just friends!
23. Brian Kyeyune – The Message, because I see lots
24. Angelo Opi-Aiya Izama – The Ides of March 2016
25. DVDWilson66 – As a media personality never sleep with your fans! No!No!No!No!
26. My Thoughts, Sentiments and Lamentations – Literature, Love And Other Drugs
27. The Ruminating Sphere – Work Letters
28. In Depth – Gadaffi’s dream that never came to pass- what next?
29. Bwandugi’s Blog – weighing in at 10,000 pounds in 66.67 easy payments.
30. Ibrahim W.K Batambuze IV – Advice to The New Bloggers
31. Rabelah’s World – Ch
ildhood delights

32. Fodexpressions – My story: What can I say?
33. The Truth Mast – Journalistic Gossip, Oh How Sweet
34. Comic Tales from Uganda – The Cinema Villagers
35. sheME – The Bad Boy Syndrome 
36. Quest – What the Hex Going On?
37. Sanyu Means Joy – Virus
38. Joel Jjemba’s Blog – Copy Cut
39. Mwine Edgar – Yellow Pigs or Employment?
40. MujuziEmmaK – Friendzone
41. Even Steven – In a Rush
42.Kwera Says – Salon Hairdressers


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