Creative Block in Christians?

There are days you have nothing to say. You will not be moved by pictures of war, Will not be warmed by jokes or sweet things. There are days you really have nothing to say. Hashtags, calls to action do not even stir anything in you.

In Christ, this is a hard place. For, because you are a creative you want to say something relevant. You want to have your Daily Word out for your readers. You want to be consistent. You want to always be that tree planted by the river side with fruit!

However, that is not always the case, there are days you have plenty and there are days you have none. Shall there be discontent and thirst in these times because you are creative? Because you must say something?

In Christ, this is a hard place. For tis not my life any more. I want to do so much, say so much things yet if it is my thought, that is imagination that probably comes to nothing for it is not the life of Christ.

After all, for without me, you can do nothing.

When you learn to be content with nothing to give, your death is manifest and the life of Christ shall indeed be life!

Blocked Creative in Christ? I am no longer losing my mind. Resting is the perfect place to be. Whether creative or not.


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