Comfort of Promise

Hey people, my friend Eunice and I worked on this piece together. I hope it makes sense. It’s about coming to that place when you lose it but know it was never yours to have and that He can give you what He thinks you deserve.

Can you keep your heart from breaking? 
Can you keep it from feeling or wanting to feel? Can you say to the heart. Stay. Wait. Stop here?
          Your heart is fragile, Yes, I know.
          It feels, Yes it wants.
          I walk with your heart, allow me to rule it then.
You know those times when you climb the mountain
Yet you do not have to?
When you go up with your Ishmael
He has not been asked for but you go with him,
You set up an altar to make the sacrifice,
Remove the wood and the knife, 
And start to kill the sacrifice?
          You tell me of those times at the mountain?
          You tell me of those times when the sacrifice was heavy?
          And the Altar was ready?
          But your heart was not ready?
In a different life, you pray and hope 
With sweat and tears
That maybe you will hear a lamb bleating
Caught in the bushes
Or that the angel of God will stop your hand
And your knife goes through him, your precious Ishmael, 
And his cries are your cries, 
You set a fire, watch him burn
Everything lost, everything gone…
          It is in your loss that should you gain
          It is in your tears that should you laugh again
          The power of resurrection is found in death
          And my reward has been set on you my servant
          Weep not then, Rejoice and sing
          Revive your crushing spirit, Dance…
          For your loss is not of waste
          And your heart will wail again
          You find Grace, You find Favour
Can you keep your heart from breaking?
When you come to the cliff and are pushed off,
When you’re left alone standing in the middle of the desert
When you’re called an outcast by those who 
You thought loved you?
          The pieces of your crushed heart
          I will cherish, I will honour
          When you are alone, you are not alone
          Today, rejoice , Stand in my embrace
          And know, that my very own heart is what I give now
          If your heart breaks again,  it will be that mine is breaking too. 

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