Christian brethren doing secular zikii…

okay, at first it was minor, nothing of great imjportance but the rate at which I see more Christian brethren getting into the secular world the more confused I get. I asked a question at a party one time; “where do you think Jesus would be if he were here now? at Ange Noir or at Miracle Centre?” and I still do not know what to think of the answer. Okay, there are few names i know- Switchfoot, altho no completely secular, I hear skillet okay all these are rockers but i was shocked when i learned that Stacie Oricco’s Beautiful Awakening is a secular album! Courtesy of Virgin records- not Christian i say…

young, yes she is- easily convinced?- maybe…am not judging. just need answers to the phenomenon.


3 thoughts on “Christian brethren doing secular zikii…

  1. Firstie he he he my dear that music keeps coming to you even when you try to runaway from it.

  2. U just heard abt stacie? Gosh, isnt that old news?
    Well there's a school of thot that to reach the world u must "sound" like the world.
    Im also waiting on an answer abt MC or Ange.


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