I will talk to you in gardens,
In sowing seeds in good soil
In vibrant dark soil
That reminds me of home…
Of the soil I planted my feet in and ran
While holding half cut mango leaves
Watching the leaf go round and round with the wind
Soil that made me happy.

I will talk to you in sunrise
In the weather of beginnings
Warm rays that create smiles and new joys
The reds of fire that glows and lights paths
That reminds me of subtle dimples
And hidden grins
And moon eyes
Sunrise in those moon eyes.

I will talk to you
In cherry blossoms
In fruits that grow away from home
In pictures of dreams and fantasy and hope.
Of the colour of your lips and your hair
Of how I punch myself each time my thoughts stray
Of beauty in the colour red
As a soil as a fire as a fruit
You all those things I want
Things I intend to get.


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