Cheerleaders, we all need them

Cheerleaders. Sometimes they lie. So that you enter the fire with gusto!


This get the point. (via Youtube)
This is……you get the point. (via Youtube)

There are people whose faces are so devoid of expression, it seems they live purely on internal dexterity. The kind of men who boast of rags to riches, nothing to something stories. Rogues. Rebels. Anti-establishment.

They give the impression that on their own, they have completed Sisyphean tasks.

It is the story we all want to come to. I did it.

There are not many days in a year when a person is overwhelmed with attention or praise or good wishes than their birthday. Everyone remembers that the person is alive and wishes them soom good fortune. In the era of Facebook, it will range from “hbd” to entire paragraphs of felicitation.

Introverts are usually introspective. They are like tortoises under their shells. They get happy but they are not all over the place like this girl over here. Sanguine. However, sometimes whether it is the influence of life, circumstance, age, or whatever, we slow down. We give in. We give up.


Happy go-lucky persons like Deedee
Happy go-lucky persons like Deedee (via cartoonbucket)

For a long time, we give the impression we are hardi guys. Homies who have it all together. Guys who have their “chi” stable. However, we all know even the son of God had a moment of breakdown. He actually sweated blood. People react differently to life. Some people crumble slowly. Others all at once. It is important to remember none of us are made of steel. We all have things going on and most times all we need are cheerleaders.

People who talk to you when you’re not talking to anyone. People who love on you when you don’t deserve it. People who believe in you regardless what you or the world believes. People who stick with you when you’re the weirdest guy in the room. People who don’t look at the label on your shoe, bag, shirt, glasses; but who look at the person.

Cheerleaders rigby-and-mordecai-regular-show-20298-2880x1800
Rigby and Mordecai (via Superbwallpapers)


Cheerleaders don’t stop when the team is losing. They don’t stop when the team is drawing. They remind you that you can do this. It’s sad that somedays the cheerleaders appear on one day and then disappear. Lord knows though that on that day, you do feel like Tarzan. Nonetheless, we are created for fellowship, if with one another then most definitely with God. To know Him as He has known us.

I for one can be a hard head. A hard heart. Nonetheless beneath that layer of black straight face is another guy with a soft spot for love.

I know that today I smiled when friends reminded me of some things that should keep me going. However I also remembered, there’s a cheerleader who I might not fathom sometimes, but is working it.


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.Romans 8:28King James Version (KJV)

We all need them. Most importantly, we all need Him.


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