changing place of worship

so , i finally remembered i had a blog. but it came as an idea from someone who i must have been boring. see i have these writer friends and i keep on emailing them stuff. i think he was tired of me emailing everyday….nahh!!! anyway, i am finally finishing my report which is due friday, mind you today is wednesday. a friend of mine with whom a lot of events have happened came back and it is not good for me, i wish i had not prayed for her return coz now how will i concentrate? not the point, i am happy Kony has given up his murderous ways and as surely as the Lord is love, once he asks for mercy he shall get it. Now which God is like my God?! Talking about that, the teacher at the resource center i go to at campus declared that a condition for attending his class shall be being uptodate via Cover 2 Cover a devotional that goes throughout the Bible chronologiacally. Hear me out. so i stopped reading the book a long time ago, i found i could not keep up and decided not to pressure myself after all it is by grace. i have been reading the Bible and had also read the book before. I do not know what to do, i think i shall finally tell him that, so if he rejects me it will be good for me coz i actually want to join another place of worship. I already have a teacher who is very informed. I will post here again about how things have changed ever since i joined the church and why i want to leave, nothing personal, purely spiritual.
had the chance of talking with an Old gal yesto and she really surprised me. Here i was thinking that she was a quiet shy melancholic like me, yet we talked and talked. I did not want to leave coz the conversation was so enthralling but i had to, it was late and i was in a girl’s hall and she had been typing her report. Well, she kinda put a smile on me face. Hey, i better finish my report. later.


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