I have a feeling. Call it instinct. Or fate calling, or destiny, or a voice in the wilderness. Call it something that makes sense to you. I have a feeling that I may write a little bit different from what I have been writing usually.
I do not know how I will talk about things I have talked about before but I might talk about them again. I will write but I do not think in the same light. 
What do you call reality? What makes the most sense to you? When I say sense surely I am even using a double emphasis. Sensible, sensational, sensibility. The environment and how it relates with you. What you feel, taste, touch, smell, hear, understand even.
When your reality changes, a lot has got to change with it. Not a forcible change of getting into a tailor made suit but one that involves moulting, changing, naturally blending, becoming new, dying. 
I guess what I mean is that so much no longer makes sense to me and so much stuff now does I almost feel mad. I feel off. I feel different. I feel alien. And I do not want to resist it. I want to become more off, more alien, more unusual, more not from here because that’s what the reality is dictating.
I have a feeling, I might not write the same way I have been all along. So, if you’re a reader of this blog. Bear with the changes.  

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