Changes…(Part 1)

There was nothing extraordinary, at first, except that she looked very familiar. She brought back a whiff of nostalgia he was not pretty sure he could place his finger on. What was it about her? Regardless of the fact that she looked familiar, she did look pretty. She wasn’t “hot” per se, she was beautiful; a gentle dove eyed beauty that was placid to behold.For those reasons, whenever he passed by Church, he thought about her, hoping perhaps he would chance on her again.

On the occasions he would see her and steal a glance, he would always be caught stealing it.She’d never look surprised; her eyes almost intimidating, as if she knew what he was thinking. So, he would quickly turn away and continue doing whatever he had been doing or pretended to be doing something.

Several years later he found himself in a spot. They were now friends.And not just friends, they were good friends who had experienced a bit of the sour part of life and were able to strengthen each other through it. Right now he had a decision to make…it could change everything……….


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