Digital Release of Teaser Poetry Collection: Pumpkin Soup And Other Poems

I am pleased to announce to you the release of my teaser poetry collection: Pumpkin Soup: And Other Poems. It is a collection of 18 […]

Why Did They Put Back the Chairs? (For Kabanda Peter)

I couldn’t look at his face. The usually brown face with a smile was now dark. Peace. They call this peace. I could only look […]

Book Review: Rumblings of A Tree by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

When you put the book “Rumblings of a Tree”, look at the title again, then the section titles, you understand that Mulumba Ivan Matthias has personified […]

In the name of Hope

I greet you again, In the name of hope – The one with the bed sores in the cancer ward The one with the hazy […]

What if I liked You? (Poem)

What if I liked you?   Suppose I’ve liked you as a secret; From the first time I met you, A gasp within that retreated […]

The Red Day Poem (Written by a lot of people)

This poem is a poem written by nineteen different people. The idea was to allow each writer to express themselves on romance. I dare not […]

Judas Wears the Sun

Judas wears the sun Over her lips as her smile; She’s not kissing feet, She’s kissing lips and She’s kissing cheeks; She’s not pouring alabaster […]

A Tribute to Theatre (KITF 2016)

The poem is a tribute to the recently concluded Kampala International Theatre Festival. The audience must say amen Amen to the power of men and […]

That Gurl That Reads

This is for the stalker The books and art forever talker The #finewomeninglasses rocker. I cannot resist girls who read. The ones with insatiable book greed Whose […]

I learned to believe you

Today I learned to let go. I learned to believe you. I finally heard what you were saying When you responded three days later Saying […]