Book Review: Deserted by Bob G. Kisiki

Perhaps from the cover of Deserted, it’s easy to notice that Bob Kisiki has an eye for the young, and perhaps I could say, pure […]

Arts Uganda 2017: 20 Notable Books, Events, and People

Being an arts writer means one has their eye fairly on the events transpiring in the arts. 2017 was a good year given to the […]

Digital Release of Teaser Poetry Collection: Pumpkin Soup And Other Poems

I am pleased to announce to you the release of my teaser poetry collection: Pumpkin Soup: And Other Poems. It is a collection of 18 […]

Nnedi Okorafor’s Sunny and the Mysteries of Osisi Cover Revealed

Cassava Republic Press is proud to reveal the cover for the African and European edition of Sunny and the Mysteries of Osisi by award-winning fantasy […]

Book Review: All you ought to see in “Nothing to See Here”

A Book Review Book Title: Nothing to See Here Editor: Hilda. J. Twongyeirwe No. of Pages: 283 Reviewed by Jacob Katumusiime The bird perched on […]

Book Review: Rumblings of A Tree by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

When you put the book “Rumblings of a Tree”, look at the title again, then the section titles, you understand that Mulumba Ivan Matthias has personified […]

Book Review : The Peculiars by Jen Thorpe

My first impressions about Jen Thorpe’s debut novel, The Peculiars, were that this would be a book about some strange people. So even before opening […]

Book Review : The Honking by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

Simple. Enjoyable. Interwoven. Mulumba’s first novel is a tidy execution of a story that doesn’t try to bite off more than it can chew. It’s a […]

Interview with Mugabi Byenkya on Dear Philomena, Life, Pain and Literature

When I read Mugabi Byenkya’s Dear Philomena, I was sucked into this warp hole of the experience of pain and the things that come with […]

Book Review : The Judas Files By Robert Mukondiwa

I love new literature. What I mean is literature outside that which is popular. Robert Mukondiwa’s The Judas Files is such kind of literature. It’s […]