Book Review: Deserted by Bob G. Kisiki

Perhaps from the cover of Deserted, it’s easy to notice that Bob Kisiki has an eye for the young, and perhaps I could say, pure […]

Book Review: All you ought to see in “Nothing to See Here”

A Book Review Book Title: Nothing to See Here Editor: Hilda. J. Twongyeirwe No. of Pages: 283 Reviewed by Jacob Katumusiime The bird perched on […]

Book Review: Rumblings of A Tree by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

When you put the book “Rumblings of a Tree”, look at the title again, then the section titles, you understand that Mulumba Ivan Matthias has personified […]

Book Review : The Peculiars by Jen Thorpe

My first impressions about Jen Thorpe’s debut novel, The Peculiars, were that this would be a book about some strange people. So even before opening […]

Book Review : The Honking by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

Simple. Enjoyable. Interwoven. Mulumba’s first novel is a tidy execution of a story that doesn’t try to bite off more than it can chew. It’s a […]

Book Review : The Judas Files By Robert Mukondiwa

I love new literature. What I mean is literature outside that which is popular. Robert Mukondiwa’s The Judas Files is such kind of literature. It’s […]

Book Review: Dear Philomena by Mugabi Byenkya

This review tries very hard not to have spoilers. When Mugabi began to recite a poem on the launch of his book on Saturday 3rd […]

Book Review : Flame and Song by Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa

 It’s a flame, but it’s not sweltering. It’s a song, not the noise of boda boda men. As finally I put down Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa’s […]

Book Review : The Precious Gift – Insights Into the Uganda National Anthem

Jimmy Beda and his companions are travelling to the four parts of Uganda to celebrate the winners of the Uganda@50 National Anthem Essay Competitions. It’s […]

Should We Use “Kintu” as a Yardstick for Ugandan Literature?

Bwesigye asks a pertinent question about my review of Nakisanze Segawa’s book – The Triangle, why is there no mention of Jennifer Makumbi’s Kintu? It’s […]