Call it Two Face, Face Off…watever.

Woe unto my soul.

The waves in my heart are impossible
The fires in my mind are intolerable;
Can’t get a few days of relief from this darkness
Till I’m again enveloped in the perpetual sadness.

I wonder what is wrong with him,
Gilded on the outside yet rotten within:
Masks of smiles and glowing eyes
Concealing the wails,the sobs, the sighs.

Oh woe unto my poor soul.

Can this test come to an end
For I am in despair, and my heart may rend;
Cycling forever on a round path
I seek to touch heaven, but I’m stuck on brown earth.

The man is weak,
His lips have forgotten they can speak;
A prisoner of his own mind,
His thoughts are the shackles that bind.

Oh woe unto my helpless soul.

Starting today I am bringing my psychological battle to the blog. Heard of Sasha Fierce, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Clark Kent? Or better Mr Jekyll, Mr Hide? Well, my battles with myself must come to an end this year.

Mr Solomon King, I do not want to copy your 2 weak dude thing but I need to do something like that of my own. Coz, honestly there are two dudes in me and I wish one would just fade away…like that.. in a twinkling of an eye yet wapi! That is for fairy tales.

This is Nevender as in Joel as in Ntwatwa as in Benjamin. Occasionally I may not be the one writing here because well, I would simply have taken the Jekyll portion and turned bad. I (screams….wicked laughter…)…I, I ….noooooo…..

Hahaha…silly boy. I have a question for you guys..ever been on the edge and want to fall over? Yes,to the other side;where the grass is greener, the barbecue is ready, the hot chicks, and you are the most suave gentleman of the evening.

Gentleness, humility? What if I would not like to talk to you? Or what if I want to call you a [screened out]…..shit…stupid boy….

…(Gasp) You see what I mean? I am disconcerted…waves of darkness….

I am just not myself…and at the beginning of the year. How that sucks….


9 thoughts on “Call it Two Face, Face Off…watever.

  1. Hyde ain't all bad, its nice to live on the wild side and loosen up once in a while I know it gets confusing there is always the risk of forgetting who you really are and losing your way back but heck! what's life without a few risks?

  2. I've been there Nev, saw the chicks and didn't turn back. But psychologists worldwide say it's not wise to listen to me.

    It happens all the time. Some call it 'life's test'. So it's all up to you man. I don't know you as a guy who easily gives in to temptations of a weak mind.

  3. Y'all have seen the movies where the little girl is infested by a demon and she is trying so hard to fight it off but eventually caves in....?

  4. Nev Hon, it aint worth it!!
    Crossed over to the 'green' once and it faded fast...I agree wit King..Luk for the light


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