The first time I heard about cell I didn’t understand it. I thought it was Christians acting way too closed and over spiritual with issues. My thoughts were “What’s up with that?” That was in my s.6 vac. Yes, I was born again but for six years I had been struggling to maintain my Christian faith in an environ where I thought that Christians were too unfriendly.

I recall in s.2. I used to sit by myself in class , at the very front just near the door, looking down from my desk at an orange hard cover Good News Bible, reading God’s word. I wonder if I understood what I used to read then. That and sermons on LTV/TBN was what kept me going. But I never remember it as thrilling. It was war. I was very dedicated then…now I don’t know.

Those days Christians were very devoted, and kept a close knit society. Many looked at us as weirdos- holier than thou and unfriendly. All we wanted to do was get people saved. Our attitude as far as I remember was not so friendly but somehow people got saved. But I never felt part of family. I never felt like I belonged. Especially s.1 to s.4, coz most of the saved people I knew in my class were girls and I was a day scholar, they were in boarding. And they were not so friendly either. My tight guy friends were not into God that much so I had a struggle of keeping Christian on my own.

A’ level was different, there were guys who made me belong- actually, I had joined Boarding in s.6. I remember one of them was called Solomon, my earliest taste of Christian kinship.

In campus, my world opened up. God opened up things. People came into my life, that’s where I and some of my friends started BASIC Family which is today a place I can call home. It was the Family I chose. It was where I first experienced faith, fun and family all in one package. These guys blessed me. And they continue to bless me.

But apart from BASIC, there was what was called Powerpoints. They were initiated by MCC, where I was for sometime then left later on. However one thing I have noticed is without friendship in these small group settings, what ensues is religion. People just go because they have to not because it’s a delight to go.

I joined KPC and joined a cell at campus. I attended this cell even after graduation for many reasons, one of them being an unsuccessful attempt at wooing. I realised after that that Nev was grown up and had to attend a grown up cell. So I signed up for cell and was excited but never joined that cell.

It was later on after I passed by some house near home with a C (Cell) sign that I decided to go for cell.

I hit cell nirvana.

I love my cell! Oba it’s the cake and milk tea? Oba it’s the nice place? Even though all those factors contribute to making cell a good one, I think what I love most is the people. No bigotry in this cell. Everyone is free to air their views without being shut down. If there’s any issue, the Word will solve it. The people are warm and open, no one has airs of religion or importance, down right home Church.

This is what I was missing when I was in O level. Now I have it. People to help me grow. To encourage me. To pray with me/ for me. To laugh with me. It is wonderful having cell with these people.

So every Wednesday, I look forward to leaving office at 6pm. Grabbing a taxi to Soya and attending cell!

You can come too. Just holla and we can make for you a welcoming committee.


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  1. Ok. I dont know if'd join cell. New people ar at times given a cold shoulder and this is never a good sign at all. So we decide to stay away.

  2. the support and encouragement for a born-again Christian is really important especially for teenagers. we were blessed to have a lot of it when we were at school... although never quite realized it then... we had Bible study, Fellowship over the weekend, CC on Sunday afternoon, weekday evening prayers... we really had it good.

    glad you have found a cell that is encouraging your Christian walk.


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