Burundi: Flawed Shepherds


We are, we are the living souls
With terminal hearts, terminal parts
Flickering like candles, shimmering like candles
We’re fatally flawed, we’re fatally flawed – Terminal (Jon Foreman)

Whenever I think about how individual men or women discard the value of another life without thought, my heart continues on its  course of thought, that man is indeed evil.

I don’t want to appear alarmist about what’s going on in Burundi, but how dumb can we get and still breathe if we haven’t noticed the trend since May this year? After the failed coup by Godefroid Niyombare, there has been a downward spiral in the liberties of the citizens of Burundi.

Saturday’s violence (assassinations, as termed by eyewitnesses) is another marker that Burundi isn’t getting better. It seems to be getting worse. It seems again that thirst for power is an altar where many civilians die. It seems again that Africa will kill her own children. The same Africa that killed her miners in South Africa, the same Africa that killed her champions, like Saro Wiwa, Sankara and more.

All the while, there is an African Union that seems awfully quiet. It issues statements of intent but sadly, no action.  There are African presidents willing to march in Paris but none to lift a finger about the loss of life on home soil.

African President marching in solidarity with EU leaders

Maybe it’s too much to ask of Africa. When does Africa rise up? Except in fashion and business and lifestyle? How about in regard for life?

Someone caught me out recently tweeting #BlackLivesMatter. I was angered by the police brutality in the US but silent on the violence when it came home. Sometimes all that is needed is a voice and perhaps when these voices become many, they drown out the blatant numbness of the people we call leaders.

A leader is a servant. Not someone who takes for themselves as much as they can from those they are working for. To hell with the politics of East African Federation or African Union, or United Nations, why do nations wait for disaster to happen then attempt to mitigate than solve it before it happens?

My disappointment is coupled with the fact that these leaders claim things they do not believe. Born-again. Did we never hear of the verse that said “Why not let yourself be wronged?” Or “Love doesn’t insist on its own way?” I cannot fathom how believers of a King who rode on a colt and gave his life up for the good of others, take the opposite road.

As you #PrayForBurundi, someone tell these leaders, the world is watching, history will absolve the innocent. Why not be the innocent and do the right thing?

Featured Image : BBC – AP 


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