Budo's lilies

They have gone like witches
Burned alive at the stake-
Tied alive on wooden poles,
Set ablaze with burning torch.

As if they had sown some magic
Some deed wicked and tragic-
Now condemned to the fire
A mortal payment for some mortal sin.

But they were only children
No architects of plots grand and deadly,
They were students of goodness
Not rebels of some senseless sort.

They were your children, your kin
They had your blood, your skin
How come you let them go alone
Away from their distress, far gone?!

You slept in mazongotos
They were like slaves in triple decks,
You forgot what kawuukumi was
They depended on it for protein.

How I want to condemn
Yes, tis you I want to blame!
For the blood screaming as it boiled
For the bones breaking in the fire.

But I will kneel and thus pray
For the lilies swiftly away,
For the kin and heart broken parents
Going through pain and unknowable torment.

May the Lord heal hearts
May the sadness soon depart
May forgiveness flow like rain
May the healing blot the stain.

To err is human,
To murder is beastly,
To forgive is divine
To love is Godly.

So they have gone like martyrs
Sheep without need to defend own lives
Heroes confident in the One they trusted
Not afraid to die for purity of heart.

Rest in Peace.


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