Bring Back our Girls

Bring Back our Girls protest in Abuja on Wednesday 30 April 2014

Call me racist but these are black hearts
Dark skins with a black terror holding black guns
You have white eyes but still have no sight
Day-walkers thirsting for blood and sorrow.

Your name should be a taboo in these parts.

You’ve forgotten the womb you came from, rebel
But you’re not a rebel, you’re really just a beast,
Desecrated the very thing that makes you human
You’ve waived your humanity, taken on another nature.

Your name should become haram in this place.

I mean they are children, little hearts yet unharmed
Until your soot filled fingers, scaly dark hands
Came and tainted them, anointed them with fear
Looked them in the eyes and began to kill their innocence.

Your name should not be in any books.

If there was one thing left to save your soul
Perhaps a ray of hope for us who pray for you
Even a little heartbeat in those hard hearts
Bring Back our Girls, we pray.

Your name should perhaps start repentance.

Bring back our girls
Bring back your mothers
Bring back our girls
Bring back your sisters
Bring back our girls
Bring back your daughters.

They are not just ours, they are yours as well.


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