bonna bagagawale

It’s a wonderful thing to be a campuser; of rolexes and late night suppers, liquid suppers and early morning lunches. Wednesday is a wonderful day becuase it’s got 5hr lectures straight from 11am to 4pm. I do not know what these people think, because we are now in third year so they can beat the hell out of us(if we indeed all have hell inside of us) and make sure we prepare for unlunching days. I felt whoever designed the timetable feels as though most of us(Christians) are not fasting and so he comes up with a timetable to induce it. Praise be to God. I have an issue with bloggers who tend to use derogatory words in trying to put forward their emotional offsets. It reminded me of this movie the MAN by Samuel L and some other funny white guy. The guy was getting fed up, because Samuel L was always saying the F word. so nga the white brother decides to give him help ” for crying out loud”. whenever he felt like saying the f word he would say “for crying out loud”. Try it, it may help.
And the Red Pepper guys should just be ignored because they are what is referred to as a tabloid! I cannot believe they have the audacity to accuse Pastor Kayanja of such heinous doings! But that is what is expected, like you cannot expect a snake to unbotheringly walk(oh, they cannot walk) okay, slide past you without spitting some hate(poison) so it is with the media-just be in a position of greatness. I can only imagine what would have happened if there were tabloids when King David ordered the killing of Uriah and then slept with His wife! In the same way the media craves for such things and you wonder how it is going to help the country. It is like Hon. Kadaga and her prostitutes, how can an immoral issue get precedence in a country’s parliament while people are hungry, poor, uneducated and the likes. Because it has been there for long does not mean it should be legalised. It would mean legalising theft, corruption and the like…(am thankful they haven’t yet put forward motions for those things…Glory to God). Now, bonna bagagawale…yes, all should inherit the Kingdom of God where your riches are not in danger of corruption and cannot wear out.People try it, infact accept the to become the King’s son/daughter and you inherit the Kingdom- how easy is that. No documents, no applications just a prayer and heart and you enter.
Big ups to my hommie Nsaba Buturo, God stregthen you.Kati i have a report to print and hand in. later skaters.


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