It always feels like heaven spending time with bloggers. There’s no need to be silent in a place where you were welcomed and none spart a curse at you. One could almost ululate at the ease that ensues, like people do at the streetside on the entry of a king.

Ever encountered a rhino revving ruthlessly at you? If no; good! For how would you come out of that alive? Anyway- the basics are simple: be deelightful, regal like a safyre but not too bright like them hip hop star blings. Let not the new faces daunt you- be calm like that princess of old- Diana. Relax, like you’re a country boy; sleek like Johnny Bravo, throw in some humility, like of the Decalogue man- Moses, and be like the norm zoe life you’re accustomed to.

Lisp a little, just for the fun of it- and amarth a good number of acquaintanthes. Ivantually, you’ll have mastered the kasozi, reaching the blog kaalo. In all try not to miss BHH. Onto the izzy.


I strolled in with the Safyre, expecting to see lights, cameras and action, anti Lulu had promised us the nation’s premier picture provider was coming to be fascinated by the intellectual guys at blogsville. On seeing the cosy comfy sitting arrangement, I thought there was a reporter among the group putting down some notes but there was none.

Spartakuss welcomed me with a hearty high five and that was the spark that got my fire burning. Don’t get the wrong picture, a good welcome for anyone puts them at ease.

I think I found Rev on his knees before Heaven, I was wondering what incongruity this was till I discovered there were very no seats. And I think maybe he was practising what he might one day say to Delilah.

Basix was laid back as usual, easy on the jokes, smiling and generally suaveness just.

I am sure I have met Rhino before or not but in the crowd that day if I were to choose an appropriate rhino, it would be my man (whose name escapes) in a white shirt and English accent, plus bald head; not Rhino but well he looks like a teenage one nonetheless.

Lulu! Kale me I had been happy for you, kumbe you were pulling Schofield tricks!

People, didn’t Carlo look quite the stunner in her gold and blue? Blue band gorgeousness kale. Gorgeousness runs in their family; yes Carlo, I still think she is a damsel. And talking about colors, Johnny didn’t don one of his favourite blue shirts yesterday; in fact while I insist it was white, he says it was yellow!

He came along with Martha, a pleasant young woman I must say. She’s not in anyway as “fanatical” as the other ladies he pimps- and I never got to understand that whole pimping thing. Johnny, care to explain? Meanwhile Antipop, how could you miss?

Cocktail craze. Johnny had one, so did Dee, I didn’t notice anyone else. Cocktails have crazy names- like Pink Panther. Martha once took this but mbu her tummy refused those things, she had to see her doc after that. I do not do cocktails, I do punch. But on this evening, a Fruity was what I needed- would have dared an Alvaro but dayem- dat thing wasn’t the same price it was at the Event on Garden City.

I missed that pizza. I hope it had cheese coz if it didn’t, I didn’t miss anything. Safyre once told a tale of how for love’s sake, those things of laying down one’s life, he was immoral to the point of eating a pizza without cheese. Heinous stuff!

Normzo and Johnny are apparently roommates. I thought I knew that but let’s call it secondary surprise!

There was an interesting topic Rev and Rhino were discussing. Why is the beer bottle green? Does someone set it’s attributes to green or it is generally just green just coz it’s green? Yah, you guessed it- God talk which made Heaven cross her hands and be silent.

Talking of Be Silent. She was never silent yesterday, always on the phone, punching in letters and listening. She seemed to be in another universe though we could see her body. And she lasted but a breath and soon after disappeared. Don’t know when she went.

Some people wanted to go to Rouge. What was at Rouge? I asked King, and he said it’s one of those “hangout” things. I left the matter at that.

Did Spartakuss teleport or what? One minute I see him, then next I don’t.

Dante, Ivan, Ruth, Country boy, Street Sider and Sleekness seeped into the area later.

Actually, Caroszy usually comes in around 9pm and chills with the likes of Johnny and Normzo over malt drinks. Carsozy, these days I always notice your presence…lol

I was having a chat with Safyre and Carlo about her sister till they began to talk about cars. Apparently, Carlo knows a lot more than I (and many other men she knows) do about cars. I was not flowing generally with their talk so when I spotted a damsel in the distress of loneliness I jumped in to save the day!

Diana. No she was in no way dirty! She is calm, composed and dainty. Apparently she is an ardent reader on blogsville but not an active blogger. It’s a condition she has called cyber shyness. In fact she said she once had a blog that lasted only three days or was it three weeks? Hope you make a comeback, if you’re reading this.

For the first time since I began attending BHH, bloggers seemed to tire early. By 10:15 am most had left. Surprising few who seemed to stay longer than usual were Lulu and myself hehe.

Dee, no Baz. Ivan, no Antipop…what was that about? And Silver, why are you avoiding me?

Okay I remember all who came, like Moses, Sleek’s MTN dude, Joyce*? My Indian homie with a face of a woman on his tshirt-I honestly thought these guys were asking whether your face was that of a man or woman..I didn’t even know why?

Then to the two dudes who had English accents, sorry I forgot your names but thanks for coming.

Ivan I should see you having a go at the minotaur from Hades in god mode…how would you handle that?

Unfortunately people, cannot do linking today, I’m in a cafe and these keys are so hard I would need iron fingers to type comfortably. Otherwise congs to another successful BHH, see you in August. Eh, word has it that Walkonby has a barbecue at her place. Not yet got more details.

Ey, REV- Look for the Christ in Christians, if you don’t, don’t take offence.

Hope I mentioned everyone.

Much love, God bless.


29 thoughts on “BHH

  1. The two dudes were: Jon Gosier of Appfrica -

    Teddy of Project Diaspora. We interviewed him on Design Kingdom.

    And yes, BHH Rocked!

  2. yay!!! lurrved the first bit alot!!!!thanks Nev!!

    Antipop wherever you are i hope you have a good reason for not showing up!!!

  3. yo bro...fantastic review..even i missed the pizza and watever other stuff ppl had before 8.30 (yeah i turned up late, but i can be forgiven it was my first!!)...oh the Indie guy goes by the name of santosh or santo whichever is convinient to u guys to call and remember and tat happens to b me!!!!and well i jst cudnt get talking to u!!...or maybe many other ppl as well..mayb next time i wud be earlier and talk up wid everyone!!!

  4. Thank you King and Antipop.
    And thank you Rev n Heaven for the compliment.

    Johnny, are you at work?

    Ug Gal, fret not- King asked about you, (Purple rain)so in essence you were there in questions and answers.

    Santosh! Very sorry dude, I didn't know you were a blogger but now that I know, I think Santosh is a much better name than Santo. Hey, hope to catch you next time, sure we'll chat.

    Muda, Martha doesn't have a blog.

  5. I agree....that first paragraph is a winner....

    UBHH-Hmmmm- i liked it..and i looked around, i was the last man standing, after everyone had vanished..


  6. Eh!!! Chanel!! Bambi, how are you. In fact I had come back to the cafe just to make sure I mention ko you, but you have beat me to it..naye where were you? Only seen you once at BHH.

    LOL @ Normzo! Dats funny dude.- Last man standing...

  7. eeeeee Nev, fo course u know i'm not avoiding u! heck yo the only one i miss every time i dont attend. u do good on this review thing. all the damn time

  8. Normzo yu left me behind.
    I relocated to the counter with my boys to do proper justice to the cocktails. Came out to ask yu join us but yu had vanished.

    meanwhile did yu put in a word for our boy Mark? haha.
    Someone has a crush on Heaven. Normzo complete the story.

  9. another one missed... maybe next time...

    at 10.15am was too early for you? would midday have been better for you 😉

  10. Thanks Silver but I doubt what you say is true...

    Crush on Heaven? I hope its....coz then it would make sense.

    @ time maybe. Did I say 10:15am? OMG! Sorry, meant pm.

  11. I so love that first paragraph..that's a gift. We shd sell you in shops...great review, am sure you have they that chopped jealous,even silver and channel

  12. madskillz in the opening joint!
    and yeah, how come no one asked about Chanel!
    i asked Luceee...

    and Antipopness!
    Show yourself chapchap!!

  13. tight, thanks b2b for the link otherwise i wo uld have read this 2moro

    that opener, an opener to kill all openers. Bhh rocked, even more than i thought, next time iam coming at 6 and chilling in that yard like a squatter.

  14. Liked the flow

    lol @dude's with English accent..apparently you are only into talking with the girls

    Maybe I should come for one of these BHH things They are off the hook

  15. Hey, I swore vehemently that it would be a cold day in hell before I ate another one of those detestable pizzas! BTW, congs on the 'name-dropping.' Word!


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