BHH and old flames

I did not intend it to happen again, but again there are some things in life we have no control over.

I was minding my business, looking for socks and a pair of shoes I had misplaced and out of the corner of my eye noticed her staring at me. I ignored her at first, I thought that it would pass and she would mind her business. Well it did; I left the room went to find something else but had to come back to this room to pick a brush. I saw her again. She just couldn’t stop staring. So I stared back and oh, my- nostalgia.

You see it could have been her even though she wasn’t- her big round eyes, big lips, soft brown skin, felt so near at the moment. I kept looking, she kept looking as if saying “this you’ll never have”. The thing is she was in a white wedding gown, looking as gorgeous and angelic as ever. MY eyes almost watered because my heart seemed to be overwhelmed, memories came running back. She was stolen from me by the jealous fates. Our paths seem to ever cross but never interwine.

It wasn’t her but the picture reminded me of her- they looked alike, there was something in her eyes that reminded me of her- was it the love I wanted in vain?

Dayem!! All this emotion unleashed by a simple advert on a piece of paper- “The New ColourChrome Digital Studios”.

I would like to begin with saying, SilverBow are you in Kampala, let alone Uganda? You see there was a time you threatened to show up at BHH and see some “blogren” but to my surprise, you never showed up. Even Chanel, I thought you would make a brief appearance just so we could see your wonderful bulge before we come for the BS. Be Silent, why have you muted your attendance at BHH? For Antipop… Normzo missed BHH, now that was a surprise! Sleek, Heaven, Baz, B2B, what’s goin on? Work? Relatives?

BHH started late generally, around 7:45pm coz that’s the time I arrived. When I showed up, I found Rev and Delilah “bonding”- yes it was PG 9- they were just talking…lol. Anyway, shortly after I arrived, Dee skipped in like a little red riding hood gaily (which means happily not sexually attracted to the people of the same sex-just in case GUG is reading)all shining with bling I originally thought was all from Delhi. She had this beautiful bag with different colours and shiny stuff on it, from Delhi, but the ring and earing mbu were purchased here…at one point Dee and Del were talking about jewelry and one thing I picked is that silver jewelry is expensive.

It didn’t take long for people to start trickling in- Xiona came in and for a while talked with Rev about how to have nice dreads. I was completely foreign to their choice of discourse because…

A little later Safyrez dropped in and while Rev quizzed me about the name “nevender” Simon got to talking with Xiona about cars; so there is one more lady I know who knows more about cars than I do in addition to Carlo. SoloKing came in a while after and engaged Dee in techno talk.

Johnny popped in looking like a slimmer B2B who on the night was inconspicuously missing, however he did not come with any “friends”. Ivan also popped in and went around greeting people, ignoring those of us with uncool phones like 2300s. Dude is half man half comedy. There was a time when some guys came with screens on their chests displaying adverts for an event to be held at Kyadondo Rugby Club “Go Together Know Together” nga Ivan starts joking about stopping them in their tracks and tuning to Straka’s late show…dude!! Rhino revved into the foray with gusto and warmth at which point the infamous L was formed.

Carlo and Dante came in later at which point I noticed Johnny had disappeared.

Well, the trendy topics included UTL’s cool service- 2299. I am one of those who is well addicted to this thing. I mean I can tweet from my 2300- how cool is that? And that we have the coder in our midst, us mere mortals? wOW. By the way, join up at twitter on UTL and share your username, it means people like me can text you for free with the cool chat function it has…this thing is offshizzy!

At one point I engaged Rev in talk about God and religion and this was a very spirited discussion considering Rev was at one time ministering to the table with his fingers. Bambi, Delilah at one got worried and had to ask me if I was being assaulted…hehe. Well I love talking about such stuff and well Rev has a treasure of info about God, but well I wish he could share.

On the plus, got me some comps to x2020 tonight courtesy of Solo King. Will hook up with Rhino over design and I met Abid Were the guy of Workzine. He is apparently an OB of FCIT, I think he forgot that. Oh and he mentioned that my leg got better, well at one time I was on crutches but an act of faith caused me to drop the crutches and walk!! Amen! Haha.

BHH was great. Good attendance and good fun. I am looking forward to the next. Thanks Rev and Rhino for the Mirinda and Alvaro.


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  1. I also don't know how i disppeared.
    Went inside to talk to some people of the fairer sex and before i knew it i was in a very diffeent location. Ma'bad.

    So what's the arrangement on the B.S?


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