Being the Hot Girl

Disclaimer: I am not a girl.

Being a guy makes it normal for me to notice fair looking maidens. I am a guy after all and when i see a fair looking maiden, I appreciate and in my mind say hullo and start a meaningful friendship which at one point in time may end up (at this point I was not responsible for the things coming out of the tips of my fingers)…

Anyway, I know a hot girl when I see one and I also know that when I see a hot girl all other men who have seen her have also noticed that she is a hot girl.

I know two types of hot girls: Those who know they are hot and those who do not. Now among those who know they are hot, there are those who are humble and then there are those who are proud. Despite the classifications, men do not care whether one is proud or humble, all they know is they have seen a hot girl and some men will react.

There are men who will spare nothing and abandon being cordial and tell the hot girl what it is, then there are those men who will be as polite as possible and try to befriend the hot girls. All in all, when one is a hot girl, she will get attention from men.

I am trying to understand how hot girls handle attention because I know a number who seem like they have trouble with it. I have noticed the behavior of hot girls and am coming to a conclusion. Hot girls who are humble try to do lots of things. They are caught up in lots of activities. They usually have a lot on their hands in an attempt to try and and avoid the amount of attention coming their way. Generally it is hard to approach them because they are always in a hurry- got to do rehearsals, got a photo shoot, got got got got….wabula they are hard.

As for the proud ones, they are available and have time on their hands BUT lots of attitude. They on the other hand are approachable, but one needs killer suaveness to break their defences. The good thing is sometimes length of persistence brings dividends with these proud ones.

There was a hot girl I knew. Unfortunately she wasn’t proud, she was shy. Why unfortunately? She and I became friends, and that was the end of my aspirations. Naye that is not the point. I want feedback. How does it feel being the hot girl? iS WHAT i have said true? Or not?


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