Beautiful Women….also

Happy New Month.

End of Feb was especially a blast for me and community has a lot to do with it. After BHH, I had a small trip with friends of mine and we basically had fun.

This morning I was intrigued by Emi’s beautiful women post and decided to do a list of my own. I am not antithetical to beauty as you thought, so here..

Ladies and gentlemen, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (especially when she is not a celeb in a great studio shot); here is the choix de mes yeux. They do not appear in order of preference, except for number one- she is beautiful, truly.

1.Erika Christensen

From the moment I first laid eyes on her, I knew we were meant to be. That’s why each Tuesday 11:20pm, my eyes are glued on the tele screen, NTV. I saw her first on the series Six degrees but there is a resemblance she has to a beloved…

2.Charlize Theron

3.Eva Longoria

4.Christina Milian

…this is not because of the dip it low song people, okay?! She is genuinely beautiful. Honest.

5.Gabrielle Union

6.Jessica Alba

7.Amy Lee

Okay, this is the best picture of her I could put up. I am loyal, she helped me a lot when I had just joined campus; those Evanescence musics of hers touched the very core of my soul…I was almost lost in her gothic prison!

8.Kate Beckinsale

I kind of like women with long black hair, so the truth is I think I liked Selene (Underworld) and then Anna Valerious (Van Helsing) and eventually Kate herself. Naye she struck me for riyo.

9.Lisa Kimmey

How can I forget this woman? I know she got married to a Winans, so now she is a Winans but in addition to her great voice as lead singer of the retired Out of Eden, she had a killer smile and divine beauty. Check out one of their best songs here and then this interview with the group and share your thoughts maybe?

10.Stacie Orrico

Christian crush. However I do not deny she is beautiful.

Talking of beautiful women, a study here explains why beautiful women marry less attractive men. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Otherwise, for all the women readin this blog, no beef please and make sure to check with Proverbs 31 to find out your progress. Beauty is more than physical, it transcends what we see. So whereas the women above are beautiful to the eye, the real question should be, are they beautiful to the heart?

Nice week my peoples. Much love.


15 thoughts on “Beautiful Women….also

  1. Damn! Did you just wake me up or did you just wake me up? i must say i was drowsing off before clicking on the link to bloom. nothing like a shot of angelic eyes and beautiful flawless skin to jolt you to attention . BEAUTY RULES. lemme compile mine.

  2. lol.. the way u said "check with Proverbs 31 to find out your progress" made me think there's a list we are all checking off and if by now, we havent been, we in trouble!

    I have noticed you tend towards a certain roundness of the face and pointy noses... 🙂

  3. Awww... Nev is blooming!

    And a lil optical nutrition for the dudes. And some girls.

    I will leave this post for BOYS to comment.

  4. Nev, We definitely enjoy the same kinda meat. Lisa of out of Eden still gets me doing the cartoon love cry (while banging head on table & heart racing)
    These celebs have it naturally.

    As for marrying lesser looking guys, Most guys go for women that are much better looking than them..guess it's us driving the trend.

    Tandra, who'd want a long face? seriously

    Cheri, Am glad you've also enjoyed the nutrition

    This has been an Inspiring and beautiful post

  5. Whew...Carsozy, I thought you were still mad at me..thanks for the appulisiyeshon.

    Tandra- munange anti Mudamuli was talking about the WOMAN the other time and mentioned the portion of scripture...coz it really ain't about the beauty outside but the beauty on the in. Yes, I too have noticed about the roundness of face, but pointy noses?

    Miss you just noticed I'm blooming? Haha, thanks anyway.

    Man Emi, I can't believe Lisa is now a Winans. Gene music will keep flowing in that house. Naye mwana muwala yalungiwa!

  6. I think Eva and Gabriella should have been on top of the list.....

    Prov comment.


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