aww mush

Guess what? Chris Benoit is dead. The other famous short wrestler who almost had no neck ( or is it kneck?…lol) Anyway, he was found dead plus he and his son…google that up, coz am now switching subjects.

So on Saturday we had a dinner and guess what- it was fun; at least everybody enjoyed it. Ok….stop prying, i did not enjoy as much as I would have liked coz the guests we had invited ( and this still annoys me) did not come, and their so called rep did not come either…so i was movin around, checkin on how people were. Although I got to be guest of honor coz the real one was not around, i did not get to spend as much time as i would have wanted with my date…and she was so beautiful, aww mush!!!!

Man!! What do you eat and what do you not eat at a dinner!!! I need answers! I wanted to do like 3 rounds but i only got as far as one! My buddy said, never do matooke…another one became carnivorous, as in he ate everything meaty. And his plate emptied at the end.

Otherwise, the project has hit another oba unexpected event? Now, our supervisor wants us to do something like the Dijikstra…and I ain’t even ever done mathematics… Okay, ever I have but my best mark must have been a 70%, and that was phenomenal for me, back in s.4. You get my drift?

Iwaya. Thanks. For reading my blog. I think I write more now coz of your encouragement.

Benoit is dead!!!??? (I am more shocked than wondering) I was reading and found that some wrestler called Owen Hart was killed in a wrestling event. So, who ever says mbu they are acting….

I am now tired of campus, really- except that there is lady who causes me to have a reason to stay. If she ever reads this…tanks.

If i start about ladies, my complaints won’t end so i better go back and find wat to do.

Guess what, those rumblings i had last time? Never materialised…I left my blogspot for the lies of sound


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  1. I'm staggered at Chris Benoit's actions! although you said you were not going to say more about it.

    oh, is her nickname aww much? :O)


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