Avatar- the Nevonic version

Many people love Avatar. Those young cartoons who are supposed to save the world! Now people are in awe with their skills- water, fire, air, and earth bending. I decided to tweak them up in relation to guys and women. An avatar should be a master of all the elements, so even the man below should know all these skills so as to avoid “issues” with women.

Fire bending: resisting a girl when she wants to be more than a friend. This is a skill every avatar needs. What happens when a beautiful lady shows up and wants more than friendship when you are not into it. Man she is slap and you know, everyday it’s becoming harder to resist! Either she does not share your spiritual beliefs, or you already have a girl or she has a guy; she is very appealing but you’re not supposed to. This is what is called fire bending.

Water bending: resisting the urge to become emotional (cry) when she is seriously weeping in front of you. Ladies have this trick. When they want you to hold them or you know, be sweet to them, they may cry. And what do you do , how do you respond? A strong man must be able to water bend. Keep your tears in check, okay? Every avatar must be able to do this.

Earth bending: fleeing when she wants to take your shirt off for you!! This is one of the most useful skills the avatar needs. Some women, may get electric and want a piece of you. This could happen by mere conflagration of adrenaline, and desire or it could have built over time. When she successfully gets you alone, this is the lifesaver for you. Earth bending, run away. If she remains with your shirt, no problem.

Air bending: cutting a long conversation short when you know it is leading bad places. Ever been asked questions you do not want to be asked. You know they are necessary but your response will lead to all but a desired end? This is where you need air bending. Divert the conversation. Avoid the questions, talk about the weather. You will need this for your triumph as an avatar in a man’s world of unwanted female relations!

So learn all these skills and you and women will be like yin and yang without ever meeting.

Much love and God bless.


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