Another time, another place

Before I start this tale, a small reminder:

So, I went to Church on Sunday. I decided to go for the 10am service. I could have gone for the 5pm service on Saturday, but what with chasing fate!See, I have a dream and that dream could only become visual on Sunday at 10am.

I mentioned to you previously how I should at least have got her name. Unfortunately for a weak guy like me, I did not and had to spend the ensuing week ruing a missed chance. However, not to be outdone, a lot of options were presented to me. Some advised I give a testimony in Church so she could see me, others said I should become an usher but what I decided on was to go to the same seat and see if she would do the same.

Unfortunately for me, the best time to do it should have been a week after but the week after I was occupied in Malaba. So this was a really tough call but hey, better to take it than keep on ruing. So I went to Church last Sunday aiming for the same seat, hoping she would do the same.

Unfortunately for a second time, I this time arrived late; a few minutes after 10am. I still went to the same place hoping, just, maybe she is there. And I walked mindful of the faces above and below, my eyes simulated the form and face I was expecting to see, but unfortunately for the third time, she was not there.

Assumptions processed in my mind :She did not see me last week, so she gave up.She was late too.Dude, stop dreaming.

Ah, all for not asking a name, perhaps maybe a number as well. Good news is, I am over it somehow. Maybe another time, another place, I will ask her name and maybe get her number soon enough.

So, fare thee well, fair lady, till another day in paradise, maybe you will come in a fairer form and I will be a bolder man.


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