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musically confused, lyrically obsessed ad spiritually determined. THis is how i feel about the music of Evanescence, particularly Ame Lee who is the main soloist.vocalist.
I was reading and found out that actually Ben Moody and Amy were friends who were Christian youth campers. As in you’ve heard of Campus camps in churches, blah. Well, and their music sounded so alluring- made one fall for Jesus over and over. Then the f-bomb as put it, Ben and AMy denied their music was of christian genre yet Wind-Up records their label had sold their music to christian stores, recalling after the interview with Entertainment Today. Why deny Christ? Their record was a good one, i have particular faves, like bring me to life, tourniquet etc. It just makes me feel ….yet their album is not consistent.
Moody left, Amy broke up with Seether’s lead Morgan, etc of tragedy. In her Open Door (oooh, the title sounds so Chri…ok i won’t say it) she looks like all is messed up, needs a higher power, oh how i wish she wd just become committed and do great sounds like tourniquet. I love rock, Evanescence was going to be the best Christian rock i heard, then they denied it after claiming (by selling their music to Christian stores) they were not assoc’d with the genre? Money? Fame?

COuld they make up their minds and stop beating around the bush?

Meanwhile, deadline for project is next week. Shd be through by Friday, then August i graduate.

Campus Life, March/April 2007

Are They or Aren’t They?
Answer by Mark Matlock

Q. I’m a fan of Evanescence. When they first came out, there was debate about whether they were a Christian band. So are they?

A. According to lead singer Amy Lee, any possible Christian content from Evanescence’s 2003 Fallen album came from former guitarist Ben Moody. So how does she now answer the question, “Is Evanescence a Christian band?” She recently told reporters this: “Can we please skip the Christian thing? I’m so over it. It’s the lamest thing. I fought that from the beginning. I never wanted to be associated with it. … It’s over. It’s a new day.”

We need to take her word for it. They aren’t a Christian band—meaning a group that makes music with the intention of worshiping Christ and/or spreading his Word. Their lyrics—as Amy says—aren’t written to glorify or praise Christ. But it’s impossible for us as outsiders to know what’s going on in the band member’s hearts. There are hints of hurting and searching for meaning in their songs. And on The Open Door‘s liner notes, some of them, including Amy, thank God. One member thanks his Savior Jesus.

So, we shouldn’t consider Evanescence a Christian band, but what should we do with them? We should pray for them. And if their lyrics of lost love, brokenness and seeking bring you down, then try Christian bands Plumb, Gretchen or Skillet.

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March/April 2007, Vol. 66, No. 2, Page 30″


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