Alarmist Kampalalites, Shut Up. #UgBlogWeek

Either we are alarmists or there is a real problem. However even if we are alarmists, then the great lengths the government resorted to might have made them alarmist too. Did they need to purchase all those trucks, and hover above us with copters like we were some police state on the television?

Some say it’s just here in Kampala. It’s alright in the rural areas. In fact, urbanites are pitiful. One man even said that the Old Man should rule until his death. We are alarmists. It’s not that bad. We are just mad that the government interrupted our mindless social media culture and brainwashed spending culture. How about we listen to the radio for once, like the rural people. Or put our money under our pillows!

Kampalalites, we are little brats. Acting like the world owes us anything. Like we deserve anything. We are eager to post blogs and tweets about Besigye being arrested but none of us will ever show up on the street to stand with him. We tell ourselves, “Besigye won’t pay my kid’s fees”, so we need to stay alive and out of jail. There is life after elections.

What’s wrong with us anyway?! Don’t we know all leadership comes from God? Our very same churches have the same leaders for thirty years and we have never complained, what is different this time? Away with this hypocrisy!

We all know what we really care about. Premier League. Grammy’s. E! Concerts and Award Shows.

When the price of petrol and diesel went up, we tweeted a little and then kept buying. We sure have a way to access the money. Our complaints are hogwash.

If we knew the contentment of sleep after a day’s work in the shamba maybe we’d not complain. We are busy watching Game of Thrones till 3am in the morning, complaining why so and so has been killed. Our lack of sleep is on our dependence on weed and alcohol. When we visit our grandparents and they offer sukuma wiki, we say, we’re beyond that African crap.

Made for kentucky fried chicken and vanilla nojitos, we later complain about rising rates of disease?

Don’t complain Kampalalite. We know what we really want. Blankets and Wine, Happy Hour, and weekend soccer. After this small hiccup, don’t say we won’t go back to this routine.




9 thoughts on “Alarmist Kampalalites, Shut Up. #UgBlogWeek

  1. I would like to think that this article was posted in jest but you probably believe a few of the points you mentioned. It would be remiss of me not to point out a few things from my side, to give you a little bit of the other side. The problem with generalising is that you are going to get a number of things wrong and you don't have any numbers to back up your views. So without much further ado, here goes:
    1. I stopped paying for dstv premium despite my love for soccer because 90$/334k UGX was beyond what my pockets could afford. I know one or two of my workmates who did the same.
    2. The world may not owe us anything but Uganda does. I work hard and I pay my taxes and I do my civic duty and vote when elections come up. So demanding certain services is not being a brat.
    3. Talking about fuel, you do what you can. I now use taxis on occasion. And if you move around , the price of fuel is in a range of ~150 to 500 shs difference between fuel stations e.g Mulago roundabout (kku bbiri, Mengo stations vs Ntinda/Bugolobi ).
    So when you have stopped being a brat , come see things from the other side.

  2. Thanks Isaac but I kinda just have ally to say on both ends...... As for now I have to leave it at that but still have to say thanks to both of you for the insight...

  3. I would like to claim these socks while stating that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
    I however think kampalalites have come a long way from a country where people were afraid to say anything against the ruling government in the name of keeping the much famed PEACE , to the occasional social media banter that has seen some justice served.

    Watch this space. Eventually people get fed up with mediocre service and act.


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